Define Phase

Goal: The Define Phase finalizes and documents the project's strategy and the requirements for success. The resources, tools, and environment used to build the project are lined up and finalized. Unusual technical requirements are tested in a proof of concept.  At the conclusion of this Phase, specifications will be detailed enough that a final project plan and pricing will be created.

Typical Activities and Deliverables:
  • Lock down Project Resources -- commitments and contracts are secured from all major project resources.
  • Card Sorting Exercises
  • Draft Site Map
  • Describe website processes and tasks -- for both the public website and the administrative tools.
  • Draft Wireframes
  • Feasibility Review (Define Phase) -- a senior software engineer provides a sanity check against the planned functionality.
  • Draft Creative Brief
  • Create Development and Staging environments
  • Agree upon usage estimates -- average page size, average page views, average users per month, maximum simultaneous users
  • New Technology Proof of Concept -- any technology that is unfamiliar to the core team should be experimented with at this point in time, to prove that it will perform as assumed.
  • Determine animation assumptions
  • Agree upon success metrics
  • SEO strategy, including naming conventions
  • Draft Specifications document -- Interactive Arsenal makes a distinction between “Requirements” and “Specifications”.  Requirements are a list of items that must be present, and Specifications are a description of specifically how that list will be arrived at. Additionally, both our Requirements and Specifications documents cover Creative, Technical, and Strategic topics.
  • Final Project Plan - a project plan may still change in the future to reflect a change in scope.
  • Final Pricing - pricing may still change in the future to reflect a change in level of effort, or resources.