Design Phase

Goal: The Design Phase focuses on fully building a project’s “Look and Feel” and creating the raw assets to be used in the Development Phase.  Starting with design comps (to show how the finished project will look) the agency and client go through multiple revisions until the design is finalized. Content that the client wishes incorporated into the project is gathered, edited, and approved.  In addition, our experience has shown that the likelihood for success increases dramatically if software engineering begins at this point as well.

Typical Activities and Deliverables:
  • Develop Creative Concepts
  • Client Selects Creative Concept
  • Finalize Template Buckets -- defining the content buckets of a website’s templates allows immediate configuration of a content management system.
  • Create Design Comps, Round 1
  • Create Design Comps, Round 2
  • Feasibility Review (Design Phase) -- a senior software engineer provides a sanity check against the planned functionality.
  • Create Design Comps, Round 3
  • Write Copy Deck
  • Build Creative Assets
  • Architect Production Environment
  • Draft Scalability Procedures
  • Software Engineering (back-end focus):
    • Begin Back-End coding
    • Version Control
    • Unit Testing
    • Code Reviews
  • Final gathering of content
  • Clear content through legal -- this is the first approval round through the legal department. A second will occur at the end of the Development Phase.
  • Determine SEO specific content
  • Update project plan -- in actuality, a well-maintained project plan will change slightly (and the team will be informed) on a weekly basis -- and until the end of the project.