Develop Phase

Goal: This is the “Code & Load” phase of a project -- executing the design and functionality that were agreed upon in the prior phases.  Content, front-end, back-end, and database elements are brought together and come to life.  Any additional design work is typically only in support of coding since any new design changes can affect budget and timeline.  The content provided by the client is finalized and incorporated into the project. 

Depending on the client's level of technical expertise and resources, our involvement in development can be minimal or comprehensive. Interactive Arsenal’s forte is in coding custom software components -- quite frankly, that's what we love to do. But just as often we have successfully worked with third-party developers or a client's internal development team.

Typical Activities and Deliverables:
  • Administrative tools are up and running
  • Content and Copy Deck are entered into the system
  • Iterative Changes to Content and Copy Deck
  • Build Additional Creative Assets
  • Software Engineering (front-end focus):
    • Front-End Development
    • Back-End Coding Adjustments
    • Version Control
    • Unit Testing
    • Code reviews
    • Integration with third party systems
  • Build Production Environment
  • Load Test Production Environment
  • Final Legal Approval of Content
  • Analytics Configuration
  • Finalize Quality Assurance (QA) Test Plan
  • Updated Project Plan