Discover Phase

Goal: The Discovery Phase is focused on understanding your business goals and the reasons for investing in this project. We capture all relevant information about you, your company, industry, competitors, and clients.  We listen to you to establish a complete and commonly shared understanding of current business drivers and relevant information necessary for success. 

Typical Activities and Deliverables:
  • Stakeholder Meeting(s)
  • Understand Business Objectives
  • Understand Business Groups and Processes
  • Brain Storming meeting(s)
  • Initial Requirements meeting(s)
  • Initial Content Inventory
  • Analyze Existing Website, and Usage Metrics
  • Competitive research – determine what the competition is doing well and poorly. Draft a list of example websites.
  • Perform due diligence on third party vendors
  • Create User Flows and Personas -- this document describes a website’s users and their behavior.
  • Draft Requirements Document
  • Technology choices:
    • Determine Security Needs
    • Select Metrics Tool
    • Determine what Functional Requirements will be bought and what Functional Requirements will be built
    • Technology Foundation Selection -- including hosting requirements, target Web browsers, and front-end technologies.
  • Draft Effort versus Value graph -- this tool visually compares the ratings for each project requirement according to “usefulness” and “cost”. 
  • Break project into multiple development cycles -- based upon the Effort versus Value graph. Requirements with high usefulness and low cost always make it into the first phase of a project.  Requirements with low usefulness and high cost rarely do.
  • Finalize Needed Resources
  • Detailed Project Plan
  • Detailed Pricing