The Interactive Arsenal Process

To be successful, all team members of a complex technology project must work from the same playbook.

The Interactive Arsenal Process is our playbook. It is the result of decades of experience in profitable technical engagements. Variations have been used to build-out literally hundreds of projects and websites.  The Process can be applied with success to any type of software development -- whether it’s a website, mobile app, game, or software utility.

Our overarching philosophy to projects is guided by the four following principles:
  1. The client is an integral part of the project team.
  2. The client is the team expert concerning their business and clients.
  3. A successful project requires daily communication and (at least) weekly status meetings.
  4. When a team member makes a mistake, they admit it, we fix it, and we move on.
What follows is an outline of the different project phases, goals, activities and deliverables that make up our Process. Please note that each project is different. It is rare that everything listed occurs on a single project. To that end we have found it prudent to provide an “Activities and Deliverables Checklist”, which details the major deliverables, and is included with every signed Statement of Work.