Proposal Phase

We take the Proposal Phase very seriously, and because of this (counter-intuitively) we do not have a dedicated sales department. To put it politely, our experience has shown that projects have a much higher likelihood of success if the people making the promises are the same ones executing on those promises.

Goal: To establish a relationship framework that is a “win” for the client and a “win” for the agency.

Typical Activities and Deliverables:
  • Conduct Needs and Capabilities meeting -- this is the initial meeting between the client and agency. Ideally, we'll spend 30% of the time talking about our capabilities and the rest of the time discussing what you need.
  • Review Request for Proposal
  • Questions and Answers concerning Request for Proposal
  • Estimate Resource Needs
  • Draft Project Summary and Assumptions
  • High-level project plan
  • Activities and Deliverables checklist -- this checklist denotes all major deliverables for a project.
  • Signed Statement of Work